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Repeating Ground Track Orbit Design

Repeating Ground Track Orbit Design


David Eagle (view profile)


19 Nov 2012 (Updated )

Four MATLAB scripts for designing and analyzing repeating ground track orbits.

function fx = rpt2func(x)

% rz objective function

% required by repeat2.m and repeat4.m

% Orbital Mechanics with MATLAB


global tiwrk yi yfinal

% number of differential equations

neq = 6;

% step size guess

h = 60.0;

% integrate from tiwrk to requested time = x

tetol = 1.0e-10;

yfinal = rkf78('repeat_eqm', neq, tiwrk, x, h, tetol, yi);

% compute current value of z component of position vector

fx = yfinal(3);

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