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Suspension analysis of a car

This file was developed by equation of motions taking 8 degrees into account



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The notations may be different in the picture. If u have force like in Hydropneumatic suspension with control system, we can integrate with this code. If anybody developed this control system for this please share....................

Feel free to ask questions......

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parth shah

i have following queries :

1) could you please provide the values to be inserted for every parameter in this system. and what do they denote.(few word for every notation would be sufficient)

2) what are the equations you used to model the blocks of this system ?

3) how to add non-linearity in this system( i.e. the spring stiffness should be a particular value and it should change if the input is above a particular value. )

eagerly awaiting your reply.

HuySon Nguyen



8 degrees system

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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