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correlation between two sequences

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correlation between two sequences



Program to find the correlation between two sequences without using the inbuilt xcorr function

%% Program for autocorrelation between two sequences....
%% without using the inbuilt function xcorr

clear all;
close all;
%% Inputs
% You can specify the inputs or can take them through command window
% h= input ('enter the sequence h');
% x= input ('enter the sequence x');
h=[1 1 2 3 4];
x=[1 3 5 7 9 2 4 6 8];
% Plot the inputs
% subplot(3,1,1); stem(h,'m'); title ('h');ylabel('amplitude')
% %
% subplot(3,1,2); stem(x,'b'); title ('x');ylabel('amplitude')
%% calculate the cross correlation
l1= length (h); % calculate length of sequence h
l2= length (x); % calculate length of sequence x
l=abs (l1-l2); % calculate difference in lengths of sequence
if (l1 > l2)
x= [x zeros(1,l)];
else if(l2 > l)
h= [h zeros(1,l)];
h= [h zeros(1, max (l1, l2))];
for shift= 0:max(l1,l2); 
new_x = [zeros(1, shift) x zeros(1, (max (l1 , l2))-shift)];
y(shift+1,:)= sum(h.* new_x);
% Display the correlation sum
subplot(3,1,1); stem(pp,'m'); title ('h');ylabel('amplitude')
subplot(3,1,2); stem(qq,'b'); title ('x');ylabel('amplitude')
subplot(3,1,3); stem(y,'r'); title ('cross correlation'); xlabel('time');

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