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Prony Toolbox

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Prony Toolbox


Satnam Singh (view profile)


13 Sep 2003 (Updated )

Prony Toolbox is a GUI to perform Prony analysis.

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We have designed a software tool in MATLAB, the Prony Toolbox, to perform Prony analysis. Prony Toolbox (PTbox) is designed based on several considerations including data preprocessing, model order selection, model order selection criteria, signal subspace selection, signal and noise separation, root inspection and assessing residuals. The PTbox provides flexibility to compare and display analysis results simultaneously for several parameter variations.

Installation Instructions:
- Download the Prony Toolbox Zip file
- Copy the "Prony Toolbox" folder from the CD to the user's machine.
- Use Set Path... option in File menu of MATLAB to add the path of the "Prony Toolbox" folder.
- Prony Toolbox can be started by entering pronytool at the MATLAB command prompt.

Required Products Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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Comments and Ratings (23)
19 Oct 2016 ze ouyang  
11 Jul 2016 ZHI QIU  
25 Apr 2016 Ujjwal Datta

Currently I am using Pronytool and I am facing one problem in understanding of Model order and residue selection. And also if I want to use one frequency for one case then how should i choose from multiple frequency for higher order model.

Thanks in advance

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02 May 2014 Jamais avenir

Hi,I have a problem with importing the time-domain signal in Prony toolbox,How can I Import my desired signal to it, and get the damping ratio and frequency of system modes. I am getting the following errors.:
Error using evalin
Undefined function 'mmv2struct' for input arguments of type 'struct'.

Error in pronyanalysistool>push_importdata_Callback (line 122)

Error in gui_mainfcn (line 96)

Error in pronyanalysistool (line 42)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

Undefined function 'pronyanalysistool' for input arguments of type

13 Mar 2014 djoerig Hartono

Thanks for sharing,,,,

what is data that must be imported to the pronytool ?
Can anybody help me to send the example of the data...


26 Nov 2013 Luke Plausin  
20 Oct 2013 theepthi g  
23 Jul 2013 Md Rahman

I need matlab code for parameter estimation of harmonic signal by prony method.

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29 Mar 2013 Shuang

Shuang (view profile)

Hi, I played with the pure_demo.
D:\Program Files\MATLAB\PTbox\Prony Toolbox Download\demos.html
But the results of the amplitudes are not consistant with the original signals.Can anyone tell me why? And there is no angle information from the PT Analysis.

05 Mar 2013 Traian Preda


I have a question regarding how I can extract each residue as a row or a colum versus time in the workspace. I tried with exportresults but I cannot figure out how it works.


20 Sep 2012 ahmed elnaggar

i tried to use the prony analysis to isolate the different components of a shortcircuit current, but it seems that whenever any two components with of same frequency but one of them is decaying one the analysis dont offer the right output even the measured and prony out matches

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24 Jul 2012 Xie Laibin

very nice!!

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25 Feb 2012 X

X (view profile)

very useful!

02 May 2011 tltm

tltm (view profile)

Very usefull toolbox! thanks to creators and holy god of atheism...

27 Apr 2011 Jiwan Mallik

I am using this software for eigenvalue analysis. I compared the values given by this software and Power System Toolbox are totally different. plz send link for documentation. Jiwan(IIT Delhi)

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11 Feb 2010 leila katabi

Thanks a lot, It is very usefull for industry people.
But I have problem finding document to explain how I can use this toolbox.

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18 Dec 2007 chu jun  
15 Nov 2007 ZAK Phd student

it s realy good....very helpfull....
thanks ...

27 Sep 2004 satnam singh

MS thesis related to application of Prony Analysis is available at

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27 Sep 2004 satnam singh

Documentation for PronyToolbox is available at

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23 Oct 2003 Satnam Singh

Documentation for PronyToolbox is available at

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23 Oct 2003 Satnam Singh

Documentation for PronyToolbox is available at


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22 Oct 2003 Puffy Chang

Thanks a lot.It is a excellent toolbox for a person like me who want to use prony method,but know little about the method.But in the fold,there is no help file tell me how to begin use this toolbox.

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