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Concatenate images/image files into a image mosaic

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Concatenates image files into a single mosaic image in a manner similar to subplot

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This functions goal is glue/concatenate several image files data together storing it in a single file. This can be useful when one wishes to compare the images (especially of different dimensions) among themselves. The easiest way to do so, it to watch them simultaneously. The user provides the number of columns and rows in the outFile , the input image file names, and additional parameters (optional). If no image files are provided, a browser will be opened, to choose the filesThe function builds the outFile column-wise- Image files ordering is important (so the user should arrange the inputs
according to his needs). The user can set the resulting image name and location via 'outFile' input, otherwise it will be set automatically (location will be determined by first input image file).

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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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