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Application of Artificial Intelligence (ID A*) - 8-Puzzle

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Application of Artificial Intelligence (ID A*) - 8-Puzzle


Fabiano (view profile)


15 Feb 2013 (Updated )

8-Puzzle solver using AI techniques - iterative deepening ID A*

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File Information

The 8-puzzle is an old game largely used to test new heuristic AI techniques.

The software solves any 8-puzzle combination (even and odd) using "board counting".
An even combination will find the following objective:

An odd combination will find the following objective:

How to run the program:

1. Extract files from "" in FOLDER.
2. Change MATLAB location to FOLDER.
3. Run the file "StartGame.m" from MATLAB.
4. Enter a 3 X 3 matrix. ex. [3 2 1, 4 5 6 , 0 8 7]
5. Wait for the solution.


Application Of Artificial Intelligence (A*) Puzzle 8 inspired this file.

This file inspired Food Calories Calculation Via Live Camera.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
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Comments and Ratings (3)
29 Apr 2015 ruba mfarij

can you please help me implementing BFS for this game?
The "one-row sliding-tile puzzle" consists of three black tiles, three white tiles, and an empty space in the middle as shown below.

initial state : B B B 0 W W W
goal state : W W W B B B 0

The puzzle has two kinds of legal moves with associated costs: A tile may move into an adjacent location. This has a cost of 1. A tile can hop over one or two other tiles into the empty position. This has a cost equal to the number of tiles jumped over.

23 Mar 2015 ruba mfarij

thank you

18 Oct 2013 frdous hashem


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19 Feb 2013 1.2

english typo correction in DESCRIPTION

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