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Denoising using Median Filtering

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Eliminates salt and pepper noise from an image except at the boundary pixels.



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A median filter is used which is a square matrix of odd order.It eliminates salt and pepper noise from the image resulting in a smooth output.The noise appears at the boundary pixel values only.The median filter improves PSNR quality of the image.

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Cavin Dsouza

Cavin Dsouza (view profile)

Franky..wrkin on it...
@John: The salt and pepper noise I've added has default zero mean noise with 0.01 variance. Hence the proposed median filter does the job well...inn case the variance is greater than 0.2...adaptivem median filter wud be the choice.

John Kramer

An adaptive median filter would be much better than this filter you have used.

Franky Dsouza

If you could modify this program in case number of rows or columns or both are selected as even numbers....I'd rate it 5...

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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