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Vehicle number plate recognition.


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Vehicle number plate recognition.



Extracts the characters from the vehicle's number plate image, using Templates matching.

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It is a vehicle's number/license plate recognition algorithm based on the very elementary technique of Templates matching. The algorithm takes an input image of the number plate (number plate should be dominant in the image) and after filtering the image, it performs region based operations. Then it tries to capture the characters regions in a processed binary image and with the aid of template matching outputs the string of number plate characters.

It's a very basic approach to the problem but still produces the appropriate results. Must check out READ_ME.txt file before going to the command prompt.

Your feedback will meant a lot to me. Your suggestions and criticism will be warmly welcomed!

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
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Comments and Ratings (23)
25 Sep 2014 kajal

thanx sir your code give relevant information but please send me the code for two line number plate extraction

07 Jun 2014 Prashnna Gyawali

This is very great work and has really help me to understand the practical implementation of Image Processing. But I couldn't put other image for the templates in already given Templates file. Can anybody help me to replace or use some other image file in the templates????

04 Jun 2014 Rui LONG

very good! Thanks!

12 May 2014 Ahsin Ali Khan

Good Show of Image Processing and recognition...!!!....keep it up...!!!.what steps must be taken so as to take it on application level in daily life....???

22 Mar 2014 JITENDRA kumar

i have follwing doubts:-
1)How to extract number plate with two lines of numbers with total 10 digits?
2)how to make database "DB" in matlab.
3)if letter is stylish then what will be the changes

I appreciate u r doing very well.
please help me by clearing my doubts.

17 Mar 2014 SANJU

How to extract number plate with two lines of numbers with total 10 digits?

10 Mar 2014 Nakk Mungofa

great stuff! could u plz help with seven characters ?

02 Feb 2014 jeitem

thanks a lot!!

22 Jan 2014 muthu


17 Nov 2013 Rajat

Hi Rehan.. I would like to thank you for sharing your work.
I have a small query. How can i update this code for detecting 10 character?
Your early response will be highly appreciated.

04 Nov 2013 Malu Garcia  
02 Nov 2013 Tevfik  
29 Aug 2013 Nabil can I get the m files of this submission.plz help

09 Aug 2013 Gajendra  
09 Aug 2013 Gajendra  
23 Jul 2013 poonam kadian can I get the m files of this submission.plz help

21 May 2013 Okky Eka


20 May 2013 Waqar Mirza Muhammad

It is very much useful for me. could you please help me?
have you any research paper or documentation relevant to this Application?

03 May 2013 leo

Hi.. According to you, what method is used to extracting number plate with best result?
I'm work with final project using threshold,but this method is not effective, it depends much on the bright or light outside... please, give me an advice. Thanks.

21 Apr 2013 SIM

Hi, may I ask you one question?

I would like to extract 7 character from the car plate. I have to determine the bounding box first. But based on your code, I don't know how to do it. Could you guide me?

07 Apr 2013 Caped Crusader  
06 Mar 2013 Rehan Qadir

Yes for sure. Alfian Abdul Halin

05 Mar 2013 Alfian Abdul Halin

Hi! Will this work in MATLAB R2009b? Thanks! :D

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