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Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Kinect For Windows Runtime



07 Mar 2013 (Updated )

Acquire data from Microsoft Kinect For Windows into MATLAB.

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File Information

Installer file for Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Kinect For Windows Runtime. For more details on capabilities for this support package, please visit:


Opening the .mlpkginstall file from your operating system or from within MATLAB will initiate the installation process for this Hardware Support Package and acquire the latest support package available for the release you have.

This .mlpkginstall file is functional for R2013a and beyond.

Required Products Image Acquisition Toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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06 Nov 2014 Roberto Oberti

Hi Bruce,
thanks for answering.

Indeed we do have the new v2. Is there any way to use it under Matlab ?


05 Nov 2014 Bruce Tannenbaum

Hi Roberto,

Are you using Kinect for Windows v1 or the new v2? This support package is for the older v1 device.

- Bruce

04 Nov 2014 Roberto Oberti

Hi Bruce, Hi there,
I just installed Kinect for Windows on my notebook (OS Win8), it works perfectly with "kinect studio 2.0". I further installed the Support Package for Image acquisition toolbox in order to use it under Matlab R2014b.

When I try to snap from it I got an error "no device installed", as it follows.

Thanks for any suggestion.
>> imaqhwinfo
ans =
InstalledAdaptors: {'kinect'}
MATLABVersion: '8.4 (R2014b)'
ToolboxName: 'Image Acquisition Toolbox'
ToolboxVersion: '4.8 (R2014b)'

>> colch=videoinput('kinect',1)
Error using videoinput (line 233). There are no devices installed for the specified ADAPTORNAME. See IMAQHWINFO.

10 Oct 2014 cesar  
29 May 2014 Hussein

how to save and play depth and color videos using this package? I mean instead of having to connect the Kinect, I'm asking how can I use the Kinect to save depth and color videos and then use the example to read the data from videos instead of the Kinect?

13 Feb 2014 Francesco

Now my kinect xbox 360 works with matlab without using openni. I had the problem "The Kinect Sensor is either not Powered or is not supported" with microsoft windows sdk 1.7, but with microsoft windows sdk 1.8 the problem has disappeared.

24 Nov 2013 Michael

Francesco, how did you fix your error? Im getting the same one "The Kinect Sensor is either not Powered or is not supported"

20 Nov 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum


Do you mean the depth data or the metadata with XYZ information about each skeleton joint?

A general example on how to use all modes is available here: http://www.mathworks.com/help/imaq/examples/using-the-kinect-r-for-windows-r-from-image-acquisition-toolbox-tm.html


20 Nov 2013 Nev

I have install the support package but I couldn't get the xyz data. When I run getdata(vidSrcDepth) 4-D frame data all same. Can you help me to optain x y z data if possible?

06 Nov 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum

Unfortunately, this package does not work for mac.

06 Nov 2013 Michael Welnick

This is probably a dumb question but will this support package work for mac?

19 Jul 2013 Francesco

I'm using xbox 360, finally I've discovered the problem. Thank you very much Bruce.


15 Jul 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum


What version of Kinect are you using? To work with this package, you need "Kinect for Windows" which is different than the Kinect you can use with Xbox.


10 Jul 2013 Francesco

Kinect works in my laptopo with OpenNi and PrimeSense driver. After I have uninstalled OpenNi and PrimeSense driver. I have installed only microsoft runtime 1.6 with the matlab kinect support. In Device Manager there are:

Kinect for windows->
1)Kinect for windows Audio Array Control
2)Kinect for windows Camera
3)Kinect for windows Device
4)Kinect for windows Security Control
Audio,Video and gaming controller->
1)Kinect USB Audio

One led is fix and the other on the camera is flashing. I think is powered.

I tried to start Matlab after kinect is powered and the driver is working but without success. Do I need to install windows kinect SDK?


10 Jul 2013 Andy Thé

Hi Francesco,
It sounds like a driver problem. Make sure that before you start MATLAB that the Kinect for Windows is powered and recognized by Windows under the device manager. Once the Kinect is powered and the driver is working, then try to start MATLAB.

We have seen problems if you try to connect the Kinect after MATLAB is already running.

Hope that helps,

08 Jul 2013 Francesco


I receive this warning "The Kinect Sensor is either not Powered or is not supported" using the function hwInfo=imaqhwinfo('kinect'). Why?
Thanks for your attention.

30 May 2013 Chee Kit

Thanks Bruce. All working. Does the toolbox have functionality to compute real world xyz coordinates?

15 May 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum

Walther - Please make sure you are using r2013a of MATLAB, Image Processing Toolbox, and Image Acquisition Toolbox.

Chee - This does not require separate installation of the SDK. This package includes a runtime from Microsoft. It is not compatible with OpenNI. If you want to use OpenNI, please check out the other file exchange entries for Kinect support.

15 May 2013 Chee Kit

Hi Bruce,

Do I need to install Kinect for Windows SDK (v1.6 or v1.7) to use this package? Is it also compatible with other drivers such as OpenNI? Thank you.

07 May 2013 Walther


I just wanted to know if I should install Kinect for windows SDK 1.7 in order to make it work? I had SDK 1.6 and Imaq wasn't able to find the device even though I had installed the kinect for windows runtime. Am I missing something? Thanks for your attention.

05 May 2013 Sheldon

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your answer.I install R2013a and everything is fine now.

Great regards!

29 Apr 2013 Bruce Tannenbaum

Hi Sheldon,

You need to install R2013a in order to use this support package. If you must stick with R2012b, then there are other otpions available on the file exchange (search for "Kinect").


26 Apr 2013 Sheldon

I can't install it.I am using R2012b

When I double click on kinectforwindowsruntime.mlpkginstall in the Current Folder Browser, it just opens as a txt file in editor without installing it.

When I use command targetinstaller, it opens the targetinstaller but not support package installer which is different from [http://www.mathworks.com.au/help/imaq/installing-the-kinect-for-windows-runtime.html?searchHighlight=kinect+runtime] so I could not follow the instruction at that page.

What should I do to install it?Must I install R2013a?

17 Sep 2013

Minor license change

02 Oct 2013

-updated thumbnail and minor text description.

17 Jan 2014

no change - upgrading hardware support package download action

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