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Speckle Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images

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This project implements various filters for Speckle Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images.

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Finding out general tendencies in
speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images" by Juan L. Mateo a, Antonio
Fernández-Caballero a,b,*; published on Expert Systems with Applications 36 (2009) 7786-7797.

Abstract: This article investigates and compiles some of the techniques mostly used in the smoothing or suppression of speckle noise in ultrasound images. With this information, a comparison of all the methods studied is done based on an experiment, using quality metrics to test their performance and show the benefits each one can contribute. To test the methods, a synthetic, noise-free image of a kidney is created and later simulations using Field II program to corrupt it are performed. This way, the smoothing techniques can be compared using numeric metrics, taking the noise-free image as a reference. Since real ultrasound images are already noise corrupted images and real noise-free images do not exist, conventional metrics cannot be used to indicate the quality obtained with filtering. Nevertheless, we propose the use of the tendencies observed in our study in real images.

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humayun faiz

masyitah razi

Tariq Ajam


Tariq Ajam

Hello everybody,

I just want to ask about how I can use this source code for 3D data (volumes)/ 3D matrices?


Richa Sharma

We give noisy image as input, for comparing the result we need original image which does not exist. I don't see any module to generate the original image.
I do not see any code related to that in function Preprocess. It just doubles the image.
Please help.

anas qazaz

hi, all how i need matlab code or function to convert id gray scale image to 2d

Sir I need the matlab code of speckle noise reduction using wavelet filter.. please help me doing this as I am totally new in this area.

Hi Premnath

PSNR increase has the visual quality of image increases. So there isn't any problem.


What about the beta value? Why you have not included in xls field. And also the MSE of filtered image is greater than that of Noisy Image and the SNR & PSNR of the filtered image is lesser than that of Noisy Image.


ankita (view profile)

hie...i am a new user of matlab and am stuck with the part [FilePath PathStr FileName Ext Index] = GetFilePath();

can anyone please explain how to read the input image in this program with an example.....Thanx!


Deanna (view profile)

Excellent submission.

Please correct the Homomorphic Ideal filter mnemonic listed as hmp-med in the analyze.m as hmp-ideal

Clean and easy to understand.

Unpack the zip file and run Analyze.m and follow the instruction...

Hope you'll like it...

Any suggestion or critics are welcomed.

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