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Cooling temperature of glass of water using Newton's law

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Computing the temperature of glass of water in time domain using Newtons's law .



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Cooling temperature of Glass of water using Newton's Law :

1)Solution using the solver "ode23" :

% function dT=TempNewton(t,T)
% alpha=-0.1;
% Tenv =25;
% dT(1)=T(2);
% dT(2)=alpha.*(T(2)-Tenv);
% dT=dT';
%[t,T]=ode23('TempNewton',0,60,[0 100]);
%figure, plot(t,T(:,2))

2)The proportion constant alpha=-0.1 is measured in laboratory.

3)In the last part of the program we change initial temperature of the glass and apply the equation, however for every initial value, the alpha constant must be measured , the only real value obtained experimentally is {alpha=-0.1,Tinitial=100 °} then, we try to estimate the different temperature
profiles based on the same alpha .

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