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6 functions for generating artificial datasets

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6 parameterized functions that generate distinct 2D datasets for Machine Learning purposes.



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* twospirals.m generates two classes representing two spirals
* clusterincluster.m generates two circular classes
* corners.m generates four classes, each corresponding to a corner shape pointing towards the center
* halfkernel.m generates two half ellipses, one inside the other
* crescentfullmoon.m generates one circular class and one larger crescent folded around it.
* outlier.m produces 2 large circular classes, and 2 smaller classes of outliers.

Inspired by the following StackOverflow question:

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Thanks a whole lot!

chang hsiung

thanks a lot, this will be very useful.

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

Inspired: DBSCAN

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