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By this function you could simply customize your plotted figures & save them as TIF & fig files

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%Syntax: sinaset(hndl,handelsize,Xp,Yp,xlbl,xlblsize,ylbl,ylblsize,tlt,tltsize,sname)
% By this function you could simply plot and print your figures with any
% paper size you wish and save it in any location you want
% the file will be saved as TIF no compression and fig files
% hndl name of the figure handle
% hndlsize size for x and y thickers
% Xp horizontal size of the figure in cm, e.g. Xp = 13.546666667=512 pixel
% Yp vertical size of the figure in cm, e.g. Yp = 6.773333333=256 pixel (1 pixel = 0.026458333 cm)
% xlbl string, xlabel
% xlblsize size of the xlabel
% ylbl string, ylabel
% ylblsize size of the ylabel
% tlt string, title
% tltsize size of the title
% sname string, name of the output file to be saved. e.g. 'result\1st period\autocorr'
% Example:
% h1=figure
% autocorr(X,Y,1)
% sinaset(h1,8, 12, 6, 'X-axis label',9, 'Y-axis label',9,'Title',10,'address\name')
% Sina Khatami M.
% Department of Water Resources Engineering
% Lund University
% Lund, Sweden
% E-mail:
% Homepage:

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layout updated


adding the size for text and thickers


The update includes the feature for setting the size of each parts of the figure

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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