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System L1-norm

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Calculate L1-norm of impulse response of continuous-time SISO LTI system

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Calculate the L1-norm of the impulse response of a continuous-time SISO LTI system using Rutland & Lane's algorithm. A test function is included.
See Rutland N.K. & Lane P.G, "Computing the 1-norm of the impulse response of linear time-invariant systems", Systems and Control Letters, Volume 26, Number 3, pp. 211-221.

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Ana (view profile)

Dear James,

Thank you for this upload, it is very useful.

The function seems to work very well for the most of the systems. However, when I try it for some higher order systems (n=24), the returned norm is an imaginary number. When the system is reduced to a smaller order, e.g. n = 10 (by using balreal), the returned norm is a positive number.

Do you have insights on why this happens and how it could be circumvented?

Thank you in advance,



Seems to work as intended. State-space input is a little inconvenient but easy to work around.



Ill conditioned systems can cause inaccurate results. A warning is included if the condition number od the A-matrix exceeds 1e6. Overcome the problem by using balreal to obtain a balanced realization.


Restriction on state-space description removed

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