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fuzzy controller design for inverted pendulum

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fuzzy control the ip



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use the fuzzy type of mamdani to control the ip

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Hello, I am looking for information and examples about fuzzy logic, could you share with me the fuzzy file?

Thank you

Error evaluating parameter 'fis'

can i have the fuzzy files

Having an error when i press the run button on simulink
'Undefined function or variable 'FLC1'
and the same for 'FLC2' what can i do?


VU BUI (view profile)

i have read your studying about fuzzy controller design for inverted pendulum.Infact,I'm student and i am studying about Fuzzy control of inverted pendulum. i see that your studying is useful for me. however, i did not understand completely. could you give me your text file? thanks you?

yazan alawneh

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