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Stochastic Radial Basis Function Algorithm for Global Optimization

Stochastic Radial Basis Function Algorithm for Global Optimization



Solves computationally expensive black-box global optimization problems with box constraints

function [RBFVALUE, NORMVALUE] = ComputeRBF(CandPoint,Data)

% ComputeRBF predicts the objective function values of the candidate points
% and also returns the distance of each candidate point to all already
% sampled points
% Input: 
% CandPoint: (Ncand x dimension) matrix with candidate points for next
%            expensive function evaluation
% Data: struct-variable with all problem information
% Output:
% RBFVALUE: objective function value predicted by RBF model
% NORMVALUE: matrix with distances of all candidate points to already
%            sampled points

numpoints = size(CandPoint,1);%determine number of candidate points

%compute pairwise distances between candidates and already sampled points

%compute radial basis function value for distances
U_Y = phi(NORMVALUE,Data.phifunction);

%determine the polynomial tail (depending on rbf model)
switch Data.polynomial
case 'none'
    PolyPart = zeros(numpoints,1);
case 'constant'
    PolyPart = ctail*ones(numpoints,1);
case 'linear'
    PolyPart = [ones(numpoints,1),CandPoint]*Data.ctail;
case 'quadratic'
    temp = [ones(numpoints,1),CandPoint,zeros(numpoints,(Data.dim*(Data.dim+1))/2)];
    columnpos = Data.dim+1;
    for i = 1:Data.dim
        for j = i:Data.dim
            columnpos = columnpos + 1;
            temp(:,columnpos) = CandPoint(:,i).*CandPoint(:,j);
    PolyPart = temp*Data.ctail;
    disp('Error: Invalid polynomial tail.');

%predict objective function values at candidate points
RBFVALUE = (U_Y')*Data.lambda + PolyPart;

end %function

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