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Rubik Cube Game

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Rubik Cube Game


Sergii Iglin (view profile)


03 Dec 2003 (Updated )

Task: to solve Rubik's Cube.

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File Information

Rubik Cube Game - MATLAB toy.
File list:
ChangePointer.m - function for change of mouse pointer
Congr.m - function for creation figure with congratulation
CreateNewGame.m - function for creation of new game
InitCube.m - function for initialization of Cube object
PlotCube.m - function for drawing of the cube
RotateCube.m - function for rotation of the cube
RotateLayer.m - function for rotation of the layer
RotateWithMouse.m - function for all rotations with mouse
Rubik.m - main file.


This file inspired Flat Rubiks and Mathworks Rubik.

Required Products Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
Other requirements PC platform
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16 May 2011 Pavan

Pavan (view profile)


09 Sep 2008 xx yy  
12 Nov 2006 Lipatov Vladimir  
27 Jan 2006 Kirill Tkachenko  
16 Dec 2004 mer rin  
02 Sep 2004 AJ Johnson

Neat implementation... was not able to spin the middle planes, without rotating the entire cube.
Also, the function UNIDRND was missing, so I wrote one:
function r=unidrnd(range,varargin)
% r=unidrnd(range,m,n) - uniform discrete random number generator, 1 to RANGE

29 May 2004 Jack Bauer

Nice piece of work! you can improve the graphics adding ligths.

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