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This is a model of BOOST CONVERTER. spl. feature is o/p voltage controlled using this controller.



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Boost converter is a DC-DC converter with which we can step up a particular DC voltage to a desired(higher value) range.
It is a type of SMPS which has two switches namely an Ideal switch and a diode.Along with it it has a inductor,capacitor,resistor etc, as shown in the circuit diagram.Application of Boost converters are Electric hybrid vehicles(EHV),lighting systems etc.The current model i've done will convert a 300/400V DC-DC converter.
when it comes to working,a normal boost converter needs an external pulse to be given so as to produce a specified duty ratio.but here in the model that i have done there is no such need in order to produce a pulse,which will be automatically generated by PID controller.Even the inductor current if you observe you will observe exact continous current mode of operation with (delta)I of ~0.2A ripple.o/p voltage ripple of ~(+/- 5V).
If you find any mistakes in my simulation kindly let me know.I always welcome your valuble suggestions.
Iam thankful to MR.SAURABH NIKAM for guiding me about DC-DC converters.

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