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Virtual Calculator

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This calculator allows the user to perform calculations in front of the camera.



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% This calculator allows you to make calculations in front of the camera.
% Instructions:
% All you have to do is: click on the Play button,
% The camera to be powered on and ready to use
% After pressing the Play button and moving the finger on the screen appear standard calculator buttons.
% Press the desired button and wait a moment, to the number you want to appear in the title
%% Explanations of the functions of the software:

% virtualcalc-This is the main program which does the virtual calculator.
% displayscrean-This function displays the buttons on the screen
% Checks where the red object in relation to the buttons.
% samenum - function determines how many times to press the button to display the desired digit,
% You can change, for example:
% samenum (num, 6) - the sixth digit can be changed and that's the number of times that change click to view the desired digit.

%% Notes

% Finger identification scheme was based on sensitivity to red color
% Effective use is important that the camera %red objects were filmed
% Better to use a bottle of red jam
% Red cursor will appear showing where the %camera detects red object
% To change the sensitivity buttons change the digit function
% Better to use fluorescent lighting
% To exit the program - have to create a dark % screen in front of the camera,...
% you can do so by covering the camera eye
% For optimal performance, use Windows Camera
% Resolution of 160X120.
% Necessary Toolbox: Image Processing.
% The software is constructed of the version of MATLAB 2011a.
% This software was created by Oren Berkovich on Sunday June 16 2013.
% Notes and suggestions are welcome.

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Haim (view profile)



I added a sound effect for all virtual key
+ Fixed the access keys.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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