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Gaussian Mixture Model

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The code finds out the parameters of a gaussian mixture model by Expectation-Maximization Algorithm.



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Gaussian Mixture model is used in many fields to model a training set of data owing to certain similarities among them. My code estimates the parameters of a Gaussian mixture model by taking in the training set of data as input and giving back the mean, covariance and mixing ratios as the output. The code might be slow because of its sequential nature but it does perform well than the original matlab code in case the amount of data is very large.

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Ari (view profile)

Ravi Shankar

How are you giving input argument ?


mutah (view profile)

??? Input argument "x" is undefined.

Error in ==> GM1model at 30
sizemat = size(x);


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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