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Points and Lines Drawing Tools

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A simple code to implement points and point-to-point lines drawing in a figure.



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gpoints is the function for drawing points,
gsortline is the function for drawing lines (lines are drawn by points clicking and connected by smoothing), and
DrawGUI is a demo.

- mouse left click to add a point
- mouse left click on a point and hold to
- movemouse right click on a point to remove
- keyboard input "s" to save the drawing
- keyboard input "r" to reset the drawing to previous saving
keyboard input "Delete" to delete the drawing

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RE: Simon

You have to use DrawDUI( ) like imshow( ).
You have to put an image object as variable inside.


Simon (view profile)

hello. i tried to run the DrawGUI and i got the following error.
>> DrawGUI
Undefined variable or function I might refer to the function i.

Error in DrawGUI (line 41)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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