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FOR Iterator subsystem in Simulink

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Simple model for understanding FOR iterator



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I have a simulink model which does the following:
In1 input would take in a vector of 3 element input (this will be time varying but for initial development/testing purposes I have used a constant [1 3 6])
and In2 is a constant matrix of 6x3 size whose value is
X =

1 4 6
1 4 5
1 3 6
0 0 0
2 3 5
3 5 7
The simulink model should output the corresponding index (1 based index) of [1 3 6] in X (which should be 3).
When I simulate this model I am able to see value '3' at every loop (10 ms loop) with a scope inside the FOR subsystem (@ Scope3 in the model). But when I
scope this output outside the FOR subsystem (@ Scope in the model), it always displays '0' and never equal to '3'. I am not able understand this behavior.
Please help!

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