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XML Toolbox

  • toolbox_test function toolbox_test
  • strsplit.mfunction cstr = strsplit(strarr, ch)
  • unblank.m% UNBLANK(S) removes leading and trailing blanks from string S.
  • xml_format.mXML_FORMAT Convert a Matlab variable or struct into an XML string.
  • xml_formatany.mXML_FORMATANY Formats a matlab variable into an XML string.
  • xml_help.m
  • xml_load.mXML_LOAD Loads XML file and return contents as Matlab structure or variable
  • xml_parse.mXML_PARSE parses XML string and returns corresponding Matlab structure.
  • xml_parseany.mXML_PARSEANY parses XML strings and convert content into Matlab structure
  • xml_save.mXML_SAVE saves Matlab variables and data structures as XML
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XML Toolbox


Marc Molinari (view profile)


17 Dec 2003 (Updated )

Conversion of MATLAB data types to XML and vice versa.

% --------------------------
% --------------------------
%  xml_format       converts a Matlab variable into XML string
%  xml_formatany    converts a Matlab variable into XML string with attributes
%  xml_parse        parses & converts XML string into Matlab structure
%  xml_parseany     parses & converts XML string into Matlab structure with attributes
%  xml_save         saves a Matlab variable/structure in XML format in a file
%  xml_load         loads the .xml file written with xml_save back into a variable
%  xml_help         this file, displays info about available xml_* commands
%  tests/xml_tests  tests the xml toolbox by writing/reading a number of xml test files
%  strsplit         utility function which splits a string at specified characters
%  unblank          utility function which removes leading and trailing spaces
%  doc/xml_matlab   documentation containing info on installation, usage, implementation, etc.
%  matlab.xsd       contains the Schema to validate xml files for the toolbox
%                   (if not present, look at
%  xmlread, xmlwrite (shipped with Matlab from version 6.5)
% Further information can be obtained by using the help command on
% a specific function, e.g. help xml_format or by visiting
% Copyright (C) 2002-2005, University of Southampton
% Author: Dr Marc Molinari <>
% $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2005/04/15 17:12:14 $ $Tag$

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