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Linear Blend Skinning

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Simple example of linear blend skinning in Matlab



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I wrote this code to help with some research Im doing but figured it might be useful for others. It hasnt been tested on any other data apart from the sample.

I have slightly adapted the great BVH loader from here:

It includes a py script for extracting the weights and mesh of a skinned armature from Blender. It assumes the armature animation has been saved as a BVH file in Blender.

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Wei Jiang

in "handverts.txt" file, change" , " to ", "(space_comma_space to comma_space). It makes line 97 works.
Some mechanism in csvread function.


ABDUL (view profile)

Good effort, efficient result.
But when I run give python script, is not excuted



Fixed a simple bug in the display

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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