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New charged particles tracks modeling in CR-39 detectors

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This M-file combines mass number and charged particle energy dependence for tracks in CR-39 detector



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This software uses new modeling which is expected to be published in due time for track length and track etch rate with time of charged particles tracks in CR-39 detectors. The software can handle tracks of charged particles with mass number between 1 and 16. The input arguments to the software are

1- A the mass number in amu
2- The charged particle energy in MeV
3- The etching time in hours
4- The bulk etching rate in microns/hour

If the bulk etching rate is given, the software produces two plots for the track length and the track etch rate and gives the numerical value of the track range in microns. Otherwise, the program output only the graph and data for the track length

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MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)

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