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Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors

Generate code optimized for C2000 MCU.

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Embedded Coder® Support Package for Texas Instruments™ C2000™ Processors enables you to generate a real-time executable and download it to your TI development board. Embedded Coder automatically generates C code and inserts the I/O device drivers in your block diagram. These device drivers are inserted in the generated C code.

This support package is functional for R2013b and beyond.

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ren jion

huiyong zhang

Michael E.

nacl nacl

I met a problem when I used the software to generate CCS project.
When my open my CCS6 to build the project,it told me that the profile_timer.c and code_profiling_utility_functions.c
are not linked well.
Then i found profile_timer.c in the root c/matlab/...........tic2000/src(not quite accurate)
and the code_profiling_utility_functions.c in the folder named instrumented.
I linked these two .c documents and went on succeeded.
Can you tell me what's wrong or how to fix the problem?

py song

py song

zhang david

Very nice work.


Antonin (view profile)

Sorry, in my message below, only the 17a update is out today, you will have to wait a few more days for the 16b update. Thanks.


Antonin (view profile)

@Julio Perez,

The April release of the support package, on both R2016b and R2017a should fix the problem you are describing. Let us know.


Too bad this is not supported for Mac/Linux users :(

dong liu

I am tring sending data between the f28335 development kit and DAC9881 right now. the problem is that the spi blocks in this package only support 16bits data transfer, while DAC9881 only receive 24 bit(first 8bits unused) data. how do i solve it?


Antonin (view profile)

R2017a is out!

Here are a few exciting features that you will find in this release:

* CCS project creation. You will find a link at the bottom of the diagnostic viewer, after you generate code, which opens a CCS project that you can debug, modify, rebuild, reload, etc.

* I2C and SPI blocks for F28x7x devices with examples including reading sensors from the BOOSTXL-SENSORS Booster Pack.

* Multitasking profiling, this first version of the tool doesn't support interrupts but allows you to measure synchronous task execution time and visualize preemptions.

This is obviously non-exhaustive and you will find plenty of other enhancements in addition to all the mainstream features that you will get with R2017a.




Antonin (view profile)

Hi Julio,

We identified one problem that will affect the case that you are describing.
We are working on a fix that we will publish in the next release of the support package. We could give you a patch via Tech Support in the meantime, feel free to contact us.




Antonin (view profile)

Hi Julio,

Could you please contact Tech Support so we can follow-up with you on this issue.


Julio Perez

I have been developing a decopling control for two motors using Simulink and TI Delfino F28377xS. After updating the support packages from version 16.2.3 to 16.2.5 (the latest) i'm cannot chose any more the setting "Default Parameter behavior " as Inlined and select some Parameters as Tunable using Batch Download. is there any way to get the support packages installation files for the version 16.2.3


Antonin (view profile)

Hi Tim,

Go to help or type doc, go to Hardware Support, click on "Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors", you will land on the main documentation page for the support package where you will find the link to the examples.

I hope it helps

Tim Endreß

Hi, I have installed the latest version but can't find the the examples in the libary browser anymore. Where can I get them?


Antonin (view profile)

In 16b, we added drastic improvements to serial External mode. You can monitor one 32-bit signal @5kHz and we tested 20 32-bit signals @1kHz without data drops. This is close to 100x faster than previous versions. You can increase the baudrate of the serial over USB of your Launchpad or controlCard. On Launchpads and recent controlCards using FTDI 2232H, you can pick any baudrates below or equal to 6Mbps, or exactly 9 or 12Mbps. On old controlCards using FTDI 2232D, you can pick any baudrates below or equal to 1.5Mbps, or exactly 2 or 3Mbps. Increase your SCIA baudrate in the configuration parameters to take advantage of this enhanced feature.

F28x7x devices have now blocks for eQEP, eCAP and DAC in 16b.

The CLA is supported on all devices in 16b.


Math Works

I have doped out a solution to the problem successful this time!It was something wrong to log in last time maybe!

Math Works

Could not Log in beacause of not having account.Can you help me?

MathWorks and TI co-presented a webinar recently on Embedded Coder Support Package for C2000 and you can now view it here:

The first half of the presentation is about c2000 hardware capabilities and applications from TI and overview of Model-Based Design by MathWorks. If you jump to the 25:55 second portion of the webinar, you can see a detailed demo of the C2000 support package.

TJ Work


Antonin (view profile)

Hi Paola,
We rely on peripheral header files shipped by TI. Historically we were shipping some of these files, we now rely on the installation of ControlSuite which is a more sustainable approach for the long term.
I understand that this is an extra burden on your side to download ControlSuite and point to the installation folder. You get the advantage of being able to use the latest version from TI that may fix bugs in earlier versions or adjust to silicon revision changes.
The files are needed to access peripherals like ADC, PWM, I2C, SPI, etc.
I hope this helps, let us know how we could make the experience better for you.
Antonin @ MathWorks


Paola (view profile)


Would be glad to know everything you Need to install it. Now you need to install also the TI Control Suite, right? Without it, I could not install it. Why is this needed? Is code generation per click already supported here, just as it was for CCS3? Thanks for your help!


Tom Erkkinen

Hi Pang,

For R2013a and earlier, the TI C2000 Target is provided directly with your Embedded Coder installation and does not require a separate Support Package download. You can try the >>c2000lib command or search the help for more information.

Hi, I am using Matlab R2013a , I can't install it through targetinstaller via internet. Is the support package not valid for this version of Matlab?

huang ying

thanks,do anything1


The following features are added in R2016a:
- Hardware Implementation parameters enabled by default
- Serial and CAN block support

Added support for TI Delfino F2833x, F2837xS/D and C2834x MCUs in R2015b

R2015a Feature: Support for external mode over serial communication

- added c2000 tag

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- uploaded thumbnail

no change - upgrading hardware support package download action and minor description text

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

Inspired: DC/DC Buck Converter Example

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