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Closed Loop Boost Converter: Equation Model

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Closed Loop Boost Converter: Equation Model



05 Sep 2013 (Updated )

The boost converter is modeled in simu-link with inductor current and capacitor voltage equations.

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This is simple model of closed loop Boost converter and Type III compensatory is employed to achieve the desired reference voltage. The converter is modeled using inductor current and capacitor voltage state equations. The model can be simulated in switching mode as well as linear mode.

Required Products Simulink
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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Comments and Ratings (24)
19 Jan 2017 Prashaanth

Sir pls can u send me the relevant documents on how to derive the transfer function
mail id is

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04 Nov 2016 Mariano Barbagallo

Hi, you have a done very good job. Like all the others i would like to understand the transfer function. If you have any documentation about it could you mail it to me ? thanks.
My mails are:

Best Reguards

24 Aug 2016 gökhan yüksek

Very good job sir. But i need to understand that how did you calculate the transfer function. If you send me document i'll be verry happy. Thank you so much.

05 Aug 2016 T sheldon

Hi, how do you receive the transfer function of the controller? Can you send me relevant documents, thank you very much!

22 Mar 2016 Quo

Quo (view profile)

@Karuna Mudliyar

nice job sir, please help me with more detail explanation & provide me the relevant documents to

thx u very much

28 Feb 2016 Hardik Parikh

@Karuna Mudliyar

Can you send me relevant documents, because when I try to change the parameters the waveforms are not similar as required.

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27 Feb 2016 Mahendra Gupta

Please provide me the relevant documents of it e-mail: thanking you

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23 Jan 2016 Manula Pathirana

I don't understand how you obtained the transfer function.I also trying to model closed loop boost converter with PWM and PFM.Can you help me with that?Could you send me the how you derived this transfer function.My e-mail

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30 Nov 2015 Kavitha N

Hi, Can you please send me the small signal transfer function derived for this boost converter?

email id:

Can you also point me to the materials used for deriving the fucntion

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08 Jun 2015 manamohan A R

my email id is, i will be looking forward for your mail ...thank you very much will help me a lot

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07 Jun 2015 saoirse

Hello, can you teach me about how to change the circuit according order: voltage input is Vg=12V, output voltage is 18V, output current Io is 5A, Vpp= 0.1V. when Vg is 10~14V, make sure the output Vo is 18V. my email address is:

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14 May 2015 VIGNEYSH T

Dear Sir,

Can you send me the supporting documents for this design. It will be very helpful. My email id:

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22 Apr 2015 Karuna Mudliyar

@M wasif,
@manamohan R

can you guys provide me your mail address, I may mail you the relevant documents.

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03 Mar 2015 manamohan A R

hi sir this was very helpful thank you but can i know how did u get the transfer function. your reply will help me out a lot thank you

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12 Feb 2015 M Wasif

Hello Karuna!
Do u have any idea that how to design DCDC boost converter using current mode control with and without compensator?
Looking forward for your response

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30 Oct 2014 Satish

Satish (view profile)

Hi Karuna,

I appreciate your wonderful work on dc-dc converters but I dont get how did you developed the transfer function of the controller. And how do you consider the equations(poles and zeros) for type iii compensator. I already send you mail regarding my queries. Please take out little time to answer my quries..thank you

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21 Jul 2014 Satish

Satish (view profile)

Hi, I am sorry for my wrong email id. My typing mistake...
my email id is

I have sent a request mail to you..

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20 Jul 2014 Karuna Mudliyar

@satish Your email ID is wrong I guess... I am getting delivery status failure notification..

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18 Jul 2014 Satish

Satish (view profile)

Hello, can you send me derived small signal ac modeling transfer function for dc-dc converter to my email id

please its urgent. thank you

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06 Nov 2013 Karuna Mudliyar


Its a type III compensation, with two poles and zeros placed coincident respectively. It is placed in such a way to have enough phase margin for better stability and to minimize the effect of maximum phase lag due to Right-Half plane zero.

There are many literature on type-III compensation for dc-dc boost converter.

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05 Nov 2013 Christian

I don`t get it :( I know how you get the state equations, but I don`t understand how you develope the transfer function of the controller out of these state equations. Thank you for your support.

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04 Nov 2013 Karuna Mudliyar


I derived the small-signal ac modeling transfer function for dc-dc converter.

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04 Nov 2013 Christian

Hello, how do you receive the transfer function of the controller?

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19 Aug 2014 1.1

Closed loop boost converter - Equation Model

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