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Slit-scan video processing

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Create weird, wobbly, wonderful effects on a video, using slit-scan technique.

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 Process video simulating a slit-scan camera.
 videoOut = slitscan(videoIn, nLinesPerScan, direction, nLoops, displayVideo, saveVideo)
 fileName File name of the video to modify
 nLinesPerScan Number of lines per scan. The less lines the smoother video
                   is. Default is 5.
 direction Is the direction the delay increases in.
                   'BottomToTop' means that the bottom line is behind the top
                   by a number of frames equal to the height of the clip.
                   'TopToBottom' means that the top line is behind the bottom
                   by a number of frames equal to the height of the clip.
                   Default is 'TopToBottom'.
 nLoops Number of times to repeat original video. Default is 1.
 displayVideo Open a figure where the slit-scan video is played. Default
 saveVideo Save the modified video as a new file '_slitscan' is added
                   to the file name. Default false.
 videoOut Video structure
 Copyright (C) 2013 Edgar Guevara Codina
File Version 1.0
September 27 2013
MATLAB ver (R2010a)
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Edgar Guevara

Watch a demo of slit-scan processed video on:



Updated Online Demo:


Added video demo

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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