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Droplet Video Proccessor - code 1 of 3

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This code processes video of droplet production and does statistics on each droplet made.



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Part 1 of 3, takes a sample video and converts it to black and white. This allows you to "see" what the computer "sees" in the processing this video. This allows you to fine tune the process. You will also get a plot of the largest object measured, this should be a sawtooth, where each spike or dip represents a droplet breakoff. A series of questions will be asked and then you have the option of color filtering. Color filtering allows you to tune the parameters of the program, this includes:

1. Blue Filter strength.
2. Yellow Filter strength.
3. Red Filter strength.
4. The black and white threshold.
5. The minimum size.
6. A cutoff for an objects size.
7. A way to block out a region of the video.

You should run this program to perfect the parameters, when this is done they are displayed and you can write them down. You then use these parameters for part 2 of 3, where the bulk of the work is done, MATLAB converts a full video of the process into a signal.

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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