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01 Feb 2004 (Updated )

PLOTY4 support for a third and fourth y-axis.

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File Information

PLOTY4 is based on plotyyy by Denis Gilbert and allows a fourth y-axis. Labelling of all four y-axes is possible.


Plotyyy inspired this file.

This file inspired Plotyn(Varargin).

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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Comments and Ratings (23)
25 Sep 2016 luis ocaña camperon


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07 Jul 2016 wenzhu wang

How to zoom in or zoom out the added line?

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26 Apr 2016 Marc Timmer

09 Feb 2016 Jeff Driscoll

I get the following errors and the axis labels do not appear, can they be fixed? or am I doing something wrong?

Error using cell2mat (line 52)
CELL2MAT does not support cell arrays containing cell arrays or objects.

Error in ploty4 (line 78)

05 Feb 2016 Lindsey Belliveau

Hello! Great script, but I am very new to matlab and have one question - I need a scatter plot, is there any way to use this to get a scatter plot? Thanks! :)

21 Dec 2015 ahmed kamar

I can not do with matlab ,the code not run, Why?

21 Dec 2015 ahmed kamar


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07 Mar 2014 Arturo Moncada-Torres

Great contribution! Really handy. It would be great to have the option to pass the axes handle as an input. Still, 5 of 5 stars ;) .

04 Mar 2014 Earther

26 Dec 2013 poncerv


26 Dec 2013 poncerv

23 Nov 2013 huang

huang (view profile)

well done

07 Oct 2010 Adrien

Adrien (view profile)

bug for lines 3 and 4 when we use "datetick".
Otherwise a good solution.

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24 Jul 2010 Wu Zhiyong

good work! Thanks

In fact, I need 3 lines + 1 bar, but don't know how to do that.
Peter, do you have any suggestion to derive the plot of 3 lines + 1 bar ?
Thanks so much

27 Aug 2009 Mario Liverpool

very well done, thanks a lot!

07 Jul 2008 Thierry Dalon

Zoom does not work properly :-(

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28 Feb 2007 Boris Peters

need to clean the code and work on exceptions

14 Jun 2006 Tobi Broge

Very handy!easy to plot four biotech parameters in function of the time!Thanks for this

30 Sep 2005 Francois Dewarrat

Although it has some minor defaults as plotyy (scaling, ytick..), it is the best solution I know by now for such multiple plots.

22 Aug 2005 wind cooky


02 Feb 2005 Izru Garner

It's very simple to use, but by this, excellent!

09 Sep 2004 Anja Noser

04 Feb 2004 Denis Gilbert

Works like a charm !

Well done, Denis.

02 Feb 2004

Bug fix, updated screenshot.

03 Feb 2004

Bug fix.

03 Feb 2004

Bug fix

06 Feb 2004


02 Aug 2009 1.1


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