Using the Simulink Debugger (Example 2)


Dan Lluch (view profile)


02 Feb 2004 (Updated )

Explores using the Simulink Debugger to extract information.

function getstrace(mdl,vargin)
% This function executes a preselected set of Simulink Debugger commands in
% order to batch the Simulink debugger execution.  MDL is the model to
% perform this operation on.  Optional argument TFINAL, can override the
% final time of the simulation run that is in the model.
% This will execute STRACE 4 on a passed in model and output the results to
% a file named SOLVERTRACE.TXT (as well as to the screen).  It also records
% the output of the STATES command within the file.
% The information is appended if the file already exists.

% Copyright 2004 - 2010 The MathWorks, Inc.

% Load model if not loaded
open_bd = find_system('type', 'block_diagram');
if isempty(find(strcmp(open_bd,mdl)))

if nargin>1
    tfinal = vargin(1);
    tfinal = [];

% Check if model is in accelerator mode
% NOTE: Running the Simulink Debugger can (and likely) changes some options
% that would require a rebuild form a non Simulink Debugger Accelerator
% runs.  Thus one may see rebuilding occur between a simulation run within
% the Simulink Debugger immediately followed by a simulation run outside
% the Simulink Debugger.
% For large models, this can be avoided by
%  1) having a seperate model only used in debug accelerated build, or
%  2) having a seperate directory such that you keep the appropriate DLL
%     for checksum matching, or
%  3) making the options exactly the same on the non debug model as used
%     in the debug model (not advised).
%  4) running in accelerated mode is not useful for you in either case.
smode = get_param(mdl,'SimulationMode');
if (~strcmp(smode,'accelerator'))
    disp(['simulation is in ' smode]);
    disp(['Consider changing to Accelerated mode']);

% The batch list of debugging commands.
dbgcmds = {'strace 4', ...
           'diary solvertrace.txt', ...
           'cont', ...
           'diary off', ...

opts = simset('debug',dbgcmds);


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