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3D rotation of 3D image

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3D rotation of 3D image



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This function rotates a 3D image based on angle and axis to rotate a round to.
interpolation methods include: nearest neighbor and linear interpolation.
The rest of the image that is out of bound is marked with nan.
the output image will be padded with nan or can be cropped depend on the parameters.

Full Syntax example:
rotatedImg = rotImg3( img, teta, ax, method )
img is the 3D image, teta is the angle in radians, ax is the
axis of rotation for exmple [1 0 0], method can be nearest for nearest
neighbor of linear interpolation. pad =(true|false) is wheter or not to pad the object
with nan or to crop the image after the rotation and leave it same size.

example use for rotating a cylinder:
nS = 30; % cylynder size
cylBlock = repmat([1 zeros(1,nS-2) 1], nS,1);
cyl = zeros(nS,nS,nS);
cyl(:,:,1) = ones(nS,nS);
cyl(:,:,end) = ones(nS,nS);
cyl(:,:,2:end-1) = repmat( cylBlock, [1 1 nS-2]);
rotatedCyl = rotImg3(double(cyl), 1*pi/4 , [0 1 0 ]);

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remove dependency in find3 (own private function)


fix bugs, huge refactor to use matlab interp3 instead of own implemention


fix bugs add notes

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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