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Plots vertical lines at points defined on the x-axis.



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plot_lines(xin) - Plots vertical lines at points defined on the x-axis using red solid lines and the current y-axis limits using a single line handle

plot_lines(xin,[a b]) - Plots the lines from a to b

plot_lines(xin,[],lntype) - Plots the lines using the current y-axis limits using the line type deined by lntype

h = plot_lines(xin,[a b],lntype) - Returns the handle to the vertcal lines

x = [10 170 300 450 600 800 990];
hold on;

Comments and Ratings (21)


Daniel (view profile)

Thanks! it works fine.

David Barry

lilia Leyton

I want to make a Contours, but the x-axis is the latitude of a sector and the shaft and deep, I'm desperate for that not to make any help is appreciated.

Cristobal Alday

mill man

Nice feature

Deborah Wilson

funfel funfel

good stuff

jaro cz

Good work thank you ...

Anand Panangadan

Exactly what I was looking for. Well written and documented.

Gregers Petersen

christina franke

Thanx!! Exactly what I was looking for!

Tom Costello

This worked fine in R14 for me (plot_lines(xin,[],lntype) prototype). Nice work.

Bill Durr

didnt work in matlab R14, does anyone know how to get it to work in R14

Sven Scherrer

did not solve my problem completely, but it's very close to what I needed.

Suranga Nanayakkara

exactly what i was looking !!! Cheers

K Forth

just what i needed

Izru Garner

Simple and Interesting

Alina van der Giessen

Exactly what I was looking for, thanx.

Juan Benavides

Usefull tool

Tinh Bui

very bed

Fahad Al Mahmood

Nice plotting tool ....... thanks!

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