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Robust smoothing for 1-D to N-D data (easy version of SMOOTHN)

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EZSMOOTHN allows unsupervised robust smoothing and can deal with missing values



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EZSMOOTHN provides a fast, automatized and robust discretized spline smoothing for real or complex data of arbitrary dimension. EZSMOOTHN can deal with missing data.
Z = EZSMOOTHN(Y) automatically smoothes the uniformly-sampled array Y. Y can be any real or complex N-D array. Non finite data (NaN or Inf) are treated as missing values.

EZSMOOTHN is an easy and simplified version of the SMOOTHN function. It contains around 40 lines of code to make the understanding of SMOOTHN much easier.

Enter "help ezsmoothn" in the Matlab command window for complete instructions and 1-D to 3-D examples.

When using this algorithm, please refer to these 2 papers:

1) Garcia D. Robust smoothing of gridded data in one and higher dimensions with missing values.
Comput Statist Data Anal, 2010;54:1167-1178

2) Garcia D. A fast all-in-one method for automated post-processing of PIV data.
Exp Fluids, 2011;50:1247-1259.

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Changes in the "bisquare" subfunction

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: Robust spline smoothing for 1-D to N-D data

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