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25 Mar 2014 (Updated )

Play into the world of prime numbers!

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Primespiral is a function to explore the distribution of prime numbers
  arranged into a spiral pattern.
  The well-known Ulam spiral and the variant developed by Robert Sacks,
  the Sacks spiral, show interesting geometric patterns in the positions of primes.
  Syntax: primespiral(t)
            t - is an integer number. The spiral will be plotted between 0 and t
                If t is omitted, it will be set to 3571 (between 0 and 3571
                there are 500 prime numbers).
  The function will ask if you want to use the Ulam, the Sacks or the Vogel spiral.
  Then it will ask if you want to highlight a particular prime family.
            The primes of the family you choosed between 0 and t

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
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27 Mar 2014 1.1

change in help section to correctly cite the file

28 Apr 2014 1.2

bug correction in Dihedral primes computation; minimal primes added

20 Oct 2014 1.3

Ulam Spiral added;
more simplex algorithm

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