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Particle Size Analysis from Image Processing Webinar

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Example used for Image Processing Webinar 04-Mar-2004.

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Web-based seminars were broadcast live on 03 March 2004. The topic involved custom analysis of image data for scientific problems using MATLAB, along with the Image Acquisition and Image Processing toolboxes.
The particular example shown was a particle size analysis using an example image - light grains of rice on a dark background with nonuniform illumination.

The broadcasts were interactive in nature, so the demonstration worked with a camera and live image data.

This package contains MATLAB code and an example image that was used during delivery of the live webinars.

ADMINISTRATOR NOTE: The webinar related to this File was removed from because it was outdated.

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Mayur Randive

nice work


Perry (view profile)

The link to the archived video of the webinar doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone point me to the proper site? Thanks much,



Great material, although I work with asphalt-mineral agragate images, and I was wondering if this could calculate de frequency distribuition of the mineral part

bari dantal

I have some SEM images. In which there are particles of varying sizes.
could this technique helpful? how can I get frequency distribution for particles with different sizes??
can any one help me with this situation??
appreciate your help

Rajeev Jain

Good Work

ashiya hameed


Sanjeev Kumar

This is very good example for my work. Sir, Kindly advised for "How we can measure angle of an object in any SEM Image. If possible advised image processing theory for this work.
Sanjeev Kumar


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