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Emergency power system for a more electrical aircraft

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Simulation of a power system in an aircraft using three products in the Physical Modelling



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This demo presents a model of simulation of a RAT (Ram Air Turbine) system used as emergency power system in an aircraft. Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components are modeled respectively with SimPowerSystems, SimHydraulics and SimMechanics. The advantage of a model spanning different physical domains is to have on overview of basic interactions between all the major components. It is most useful in the early stage of the design of a future system, in this case an hybrid emergency system for the more electrical aircraft.
The power system is composed from a wind turbine (15 kW) connected to an electrical synchronous generator. The shaft of the turbine is also connected to a pump that supplies a hydraulic circuit linked through a servo valve to a cylinder. The motion of the rod is transformed into rotational movement on the axis of the Aileron. A position controller is used so that the deflection angle tracks a given reference by controlling the servo valve.
The authors of this work are: Martin Gendrin, Jean-François Doyon, Daniel Bérubé, Louis A. Dessaint from École de Technologie Supérieure in Montréal with the participation of François Pelletier from Bombardier Aeronautics.
Souléman Njoya Motapon made the R14a version

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