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A script to Pass all your Workspace variables(2-D) into an Excell file.



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This is a Matlab script, which takes all the variables(2D) in a user-defined Workspace and writes them to an Excell folder.

For each variable, a new sheet is generated automatically in Excell and named after that variable(e.g. variable 'var1' is written to sheet 'var1').

User enters the workspace folder's name(e.g. file.mat) as input so as to the program load the workspace.

Also the name of the Excell file, on which the datas will be written, is entered by user. This Excell file can both be already existing or not. If not, a folder named the user's input is generated automatically by the Matlab function itself.

After the m-file is successfuly executed, one can access the generated xls document by searching the user-given name in the computer.

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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