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Tab Panel (Yet another one)

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This is a straight forward implementing way of a Tab Panel.

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This is a simple construction of 'Tabed' pannel using GUIDE.

To explore more: Open the figure with GUIDE, and make sure to notice the uiControls (txNullA, and txNullB) with no text. They are used to create the smooth visual transition between corresponding Tabs and Panels, by turning ON and OFF their "Visibile Property" accordingly. Take into your attention also that the Tab pushbuttons are enabled "inactive" and are associated with ButtonDownFnc (not a Callback).

Eventhough this is created in MATLAB R13, it can easily be implemented in earlier releases of MATLAB, as there is no special function used in the implementation.

See also "Tab Panel Example" by Bill York and "Tab Panel" by Dirk Tenne in this File Exchange Site.

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Guanjun XU

eve lee

Mr Smart

haibo mao

Philipp Ewert


Question is there any Tabpanel Solution known, which works with the XP-Design Buttons etc.

thx for letting me know,


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired by: Tab panel example, tabpanel

Inspired: uitabpanel, Simple Optimized GUI Tabs

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