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Using Numerical Computing with MATLAB in the Classroom

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M-files used in the webinar held on April 27, 2004.



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MATLAB® files accompanying the "Using Numerical Computing with MATLAB in the Classroom" webinar by Cleve Moler. These files will be useful for professors interested in using this textbook in a wide variety of courses and departments.

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Vito Tafuni

i've made something like surfer.m but with good improvements... how can i send you my code?? please answer me by email

lin zhenxi

very good?
thank you

julio guani

Fernando Vadillo

Excellent set of programs like support for Nunerical Analysis and MATLAB beginners.
Congratulations for the author.

Andrea gavana

Very nice examples, some of them also with great "visual effects". These m-functions are a very good starting point for Matlab beginners, for the clarity and the good programming style of the codes.


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