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Alamouti Space-Time Code

Alamouti Space-Time Code



18 May 2004 (Updated )

A function that simulate the Alamouti Space-Time code.

function H=rey(Nt,Nr)

%This function builds a matrix of Rayleigh Channel Coefficients. The input variables are
%the number of TX antenna Nt and the number of RX antenna. The matrix is useful just for 
%one symbol. I u want a frame, u should use this function a number of time that depends
%on the length of your frame.
%Take care!

R=eye(Nt*Nr);                                               %Correlation matrix. 
X=randn(Nt*Nr,1)/sqrt(2)+j*randn(Nt*Nr,1)/sqrt(2);          %Channel coefficients
H=reshape(R'*X,Nt,Nr);                                      %The matrix.

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