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Virtual Reality Terrain Modeling

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Use actual terrain data within Virtual Reality Toolbox.



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Contains a script (create_terrain_node.m) to create a VRML97 file (terrain.wrl) containing actual USGS DEM data for the Grand Canyon. Create_terrain_node.m uses Mapping Toolbox to load the DEM data into MATLAB, then opens a template VRML97 file (vr_terrain_template.wrl) and adds a node to the template information for the terrain. Finally, create_terrain_node.m saves all the VRML97 information to a new VRML97 file (terrain.wrl). Terrain.wrl can be viewed in a web browser with a VRML plug-in or with Virtual Reality Toolbox.

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Bedassa Regassa

Eddie Mayhew

Being able to read DEM data directly into a VRML file from code allows the developer to exchange terrain tiles (and their corresponding texture maps) on-the-fly.

Doing so means that cost effective 3D fly-throughs can be maintained over great distances while the burden on RAM can be controlled based upon the hardware specifications available.

There is more to reaching these objectives than what is provided by Stacey here but none of them can be met without a means to exchange DEM data files as the simulation is being executed. What is provided is an elegant means to do so.

The results are extraordinary.

Real nice job. Well done Stacey.

Eddie Mayhew
Sr. Modeling and Simulation Engineer
Quadelta, Inc.


David Clark

Excellent, just what i was looking for!


Where can I find the VR Toolbox for matlab as well as the vrmlplot.m file for matlab. I can't find it anywhere


Updated license


convert to toolbox

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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