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Construct a tube, or warped cylinder, along any 3D curve.

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TubePlot constructs a tube along any 3D curve. Output is much like the cylinder function.

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Grace Jiang

is it possible to plot multiple curves at one time?

Reza Ahmadzadeh

Is it possible to get it done with variable radius as well? Consider a case that r= a*cos(t) or so.

Ian Eaves

Minor bug in frenet whether the starting and ending point coincide (leading to different normal/tangent vectors). Easy to fix though!

Ian Eaves

Just what I was looking for - great tool for plotting the path of a branch defined by multiple x,y,z coordinates

Peter Lawrence

A nice script.
The "more than 90 deg" issue may be addressed by mollifying the region on the tube in the vicinity of any self-intersection. This is merely a visual "band-aid" measure as it does not stop the surface being plotted internally to the tube near such a self-intersection.

Eddie Mayhew

Excellent! What 90 degree problem? Works great, easy to use, lightning fast and has incredible functionality. Real nice job Ralph! U Da Man!

Ralph Mettier

Very nice. If you could eliminate the 'more than 90 deg' problem, I'd even give it a rating of 5.



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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired: soapSnake - understanding complex functions

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