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Spectral Mask Tests

Spectral Mask Tests


Mike Donovan (view profile)


18 Sep 2004 (Updated )

Test whether a filter's magnitude response fits within a spectral mask.

%% Using FilterMaskFigure.m
% In a lot of filter design problems you are trying to design a filter so
% that the magnitude response of the filter fits within a specified mask.
% FilterMaskFigure.m is a program that plots the magnitude response of a
% filter that you've designed and overlays a spectral mask on the plot.
% This is an example of how to use FilterMaskFigure.m to test whether a
% filter that you've designed fits within a spectral mask. 
% This example and FilterMaskFigure.m use commands from MATLAB and the Signal
% Processing Toolbox.

%% Design a filter
% b and a are the filter's numerator and denominator coefficients.
[b,a] = fir1(15,0.125);

%% Define the mask
% f is a vector containing the frequency axis, normalized between 0 and 1.
% m is a vector containing the desired magnitudes in dB.
% The only known restriction here is that the f and m vectors need to be
% the same length.
f=[0 0.1 0.25 0.35 0.35 0.5 0.5 1];
m=[0 0  -15 -35 -40 -40 -60 -60];

%% Call FilterMaskFigure.m
% FilterMaskFigure.m will take the input filter coefficients and
% specifications for the spectral mask and perform a test to make sure that
% the filter's magnitude response falls within the limits of the mask.  A
% PASS or FAIL indication will be printed on the final plot.
FilterMaskFigure(b, a, f, m)

%% Credit where credit is due
% I used the Generate M-File feature from the MATLAB 7 PlotTools to create
% most of the code for FilterMaskFigure.m.  I started with a plot created
% by the freqz(b,a) command, edited that plot with the new PlotTools, and
% then generated code for the figure when I had it in a format I liked.
% That was much easier for me than trying to write plotting commands by
% hand.

%% Don't forget M-Lint
% Another good MATLAB 7 feature that I used after I had some working code
% was the M-Lint code checker.  It found several lines of code in
% FilterMaskFigure.m that could be improved.  One example is the line of
% code that's commented out on Line 64.  I never would have found this better
% way to use the FIND command on my own.

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