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Linux Soft Real-Time Target v2.4

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Linux Soft Real-Time Target v2.4



28 Sep 2004 (Updated )

Custom Linux target for Real-time Workshop.

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File Information

The Linux Soft Real-Time Target is a target definition to Real-Time Workshop from Mathworks. The target uses the POSIX real-time clocks to generate periodic signals, to wake the model process at every time step. The process is changed to real-time highest priority defined by the scheduler, and therefore needs root privileges to execute.

The Linux Soft Real-Time Target does not run hard real-time, since the kernel of Linux itself is not preempted by the scheduler. As a consequence, model execution can occasionally be delayed.

A standard Linux kernel preempts every 10 ms. Higher resolution of the task switching, and thereby precision of the model execution, can
be achieved by setting HZ to a different value in asm/param.h, included in the kernel source, and re-compiling the kernel.

To include C S-Functions from other directories place the rtwmakecfg.m file included in this package in the directory of the C S-Function
source file. The C S-Function must be mex'ed in order for Simulink to pass the path to Real-Time Workshop.

Required Products Simulink Coder
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)
Other requirements Linux platform.
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Comments and Ratings (4)
29 Sep 2010 omar gomez

Does this application continue working in matlab? There is something more that to do to install apart from copying the files?

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20 May 2008 Oleg Oleg

06 May 2006 ALI AHMED


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18 Jan 2006 Walid M.

Great application!
Did you try it with external mode?

02 Dec 2005

Support for R14 SP3

02 Dec 2005

Support for R14 SP3

30 Oct 2006

Re-installation of default signal handler was observed causing exit of real-time code. The handler is now installed after each execution.
The RTW parameters now supports linker options mainly for comedi support. There is a post-compilation command.

18 Jan 2007

Added support for cross-architecture code generation.

27 Feb 2007

Updated files, as something went wrong with previous update.

26 Mar 2007

Added support for including C S-Functions from other directories.

12 Aug 2008

Added detection of sample overrun. The Alarm Clock exit is not substituted with a deadline violation notification, and continued exectution.
 Added "[LNX]" to all model outputs to separate from other debug info from e.g. S-Functions.

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