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Add a splash screen to your GUI

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This function utilize the JAVA interface of MATLAB to add a splash screen to your GUI programs. To use splash.m, just call it in your GUI as you call most MATLAB in-line functions. You can control of the duration time and the image to be displayed.

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Ryu Hoshi


ceeri (view profile)

I am not able to use it in my GUI. can anyone help me out of this?


fantastic script! thank you.

It causes Matlab r2012a to freeze up and crash


Nate (view profile)

Nice job! Looks fancy

It is really useful,
Thanks for sharing.....


Jveer (view profile)


Qun HAN (view profile)

To Jveer:

The image is displayed on a JWindow. There is no means to make a JWindow transparent as far as I know. May be the future version of JAVA will add this function.


Jveer (view profile)

please add support for transparency

Durga Shrestha

It crashes MATLAB R2008a.

ma ma

john baldwinson

Is there an English version of latest version?

John Simeral

Very nice. You can also raise the splash window to the top (foreground) by adding win.toFront after the command.


Please visit for the latest version.

Tom Crocker

Easily modified to return a handle to the created screen so you can destroy it yourself once your GUI has finished loading (rather than having to guess)

charles lehalle

only needs a way to write text on the top of the image (for the version number for instance)

John Bush

Good example!I have also seen the 'Splash Screen' Anony Mous mentioned. I think that is a 'Splash Window' not a 'Splash Screen'!

Anony Mous

'Splash Screen' already does that. It also fits the duration of its visibility to the time it takes to load the program. See:



Using the revised version you can control the duration time of the splash according to your program's need, the initialization time, for example.

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