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Calculates means and associated clusters from input data.

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Usage: [means,c]=KNMCluster(k,indata)

KNMCluster is an implementation of the K-means clustering algorithm. It takes inputs k and indata. k is the initial guess of the number of clusters.

indata is the aggregate data that you want to put into clusters.

The returned value "means" are the eturned means of the final clusters.

c is a structure with fields Clust1, Clust2, and so on for each of the k means.

Notes: This program makes use of Sara Silva's program shuffle found here on Mathworks. I would like to thank her for this nice little utility, it saved me some time which is always nice.

Tim Felty,

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reesu satheesh


Nora Spahiu

You did a good work, though you could have spent little more time on the multidimensionality of the the clusering.

Sun Bae

balijepalli krishna murthy


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

Inspired by: shuffle_orderby

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