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Oceanographic Data Visualized with MATLAB


Jody Klymak (view profile)


Oceanographic Data Visualized with MATLAB

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The data is three velocity and density sections (A, D, and E) showing tidal flow over an underwater sill in a fjord. The colors represent landward velocity (towards the viewer); red with the tide, blue against. Three density contours are shown by black lines. The line at the bottom of the sill (Line E) shows two recirculations produced by the flow.


This file inspired Cmocean Perceptually Uniform Colormaps.

MATLAB release MATLAB 5.2 (R10)
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Comments and Ratings (21)
24 Dec 2016 xinjun Li

just a picture?

20 Oct 2016 Eduardo Puntel

Hi there people - Nice picture, but I think Jody should consider delivering "the" toolbox or m code used; the data is available free of charge, ML Toolbox processed. Just try for it at for instance. Probably you will have to dig a little more for TOPEX tide data...

03 Apr 2013 Jose

Jose (view profile)

" This was submitted before this repository existed"
Well, it exists now! A picture without code is worth 1 star.

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03 Apr 2013 Jose

Jose (view profile)

20 Dec 2010 junyi xu

hello, it's a very nice plot , but I 'd like to know how it has been done.

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16 Jul 2009 Huanyin Zhou

How can I get this code?

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25 Aug 2008 patricio pérez

I need this code for my proyect of grade, please.

Thank you,

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09 Jul 2008 andres medina

Hello, i need this book for simulations in my proyect

16 Mar 2008 abkar ali

24 Feb 2007 Jody Klymak


I did this all with Matlab, and standard toolboxes. You need to use multiple colormaps. After that there are four surfaces, three for the data and one for the topography. The topography had lighting turned on, the others surfaces did not.

The contouring took a bit of interpolation to adjust the x,y,z data of the contours to fall on the correct surfaces. But again, it was all matlab.

Sorry there is no source code. This was submitted before this repository existed, but the mathworks was requesting images. So I sent the image in w/o code. Wouldn't be very general code anyhow!

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07 Feb 2007 Juan Márquez

13 Oct 2006 stephanie desmare

hello, it's a very nice plot , but I 'd like to know how it has been done.

11 Nov 2005 Daniel LÓPEZ SÁNCHEZ

25 Dec 2004 Patrik Eschle

What is a .gif good for without any link to the software (be it commercial or free)?



22 Jun 2004 A B


24 Dec 2003 Orzo Montante

Nice graphic, I would like get the toolbox too

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24 Dec 2003 murat ÖZTURAN

17 Nov 2003 José Garcés

I would like get the toolbox

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30 Sep 2003 joe schmoe

just a picture?

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20 Aug 2003 matrix one


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