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27 Dec 2004 (Updated )

Frequency table.

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FREQTABLE Frequency table.
  [Y,N] = FREQTABLE(X) takes a vector X and returns the unique values of
  X in theoutput Y, and the number of instances of each value in the
  output N. X can be a charachter array or cell array of strings.


This file inspired Rankings.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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Comments and Ratings (8)
14 Nov 2007 meinhard ploner

ok, i had a transposed vector in the last try(see last review). surely [1; 1+find(diff(S))] instead of [find(diff(S)); end] does not change anything in terms of performance ;-))

14 Nov 2007 meinhard ploner GMX

i changed the code line after "S=..." to:

B = S([ 1 1+find(diff(S)) ]);

and now it works for me, too. Without the change i got the message: ??? Error using ==> vertcat
CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent.

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24 Jul 2006 Celia Sobrino

very smart

06 Jun 2005 Mukhtar Ullah

This function now supports character arrays and cell arrays of strings.

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06 Feb 2005 Mukhtar Ullah

Bruno Desart,
In fact, you have pointed out a limitation:
this file can't be used for cell arrays; for cells use tabulate(statistic toolbox)

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02 Feb 2005 Bruno Desart

Just one question: how to use this with cell array?
Many thanks in advance.

29 Dec 2004 Mukhtar Ullah

Thanks us! I have rewritten the file according to your suggestions. Your idea is really clever.

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29 Dec 2004 urs (us) schwarz

no need to use unique. for large Xs this else-code becomes faster for obvious reasons. note histc is a mexed function.

x=sort(xx(:)); % same conditioning
d=diff(x); % same conditioning
% else code
table=[xb x];
just a thought, us

03 Jan 2005

removed one if else statement.

03 Jan 2005

rewritten as suggested by urs schwarz.

03 Jan 2005

a typo corrected.

03 Jun 2005

Extended to support character arrays and cell arrays of strings. The interpretation of outputs has been changed to make sense.

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