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Guitar Distortion Effect

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This function produces an audio effect similar to an overdriven guitar amplifier.



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This function takes an audio vector and a constant as inputs. The output is the input audio vector but with a distortion effect added to it. The effect is much like that of an overdriven guitar amplifier. GDIST.m also works well with many other instruments and sound.

For instructions on how to use this function, put GDIST.m in your MATLAB work folder and type "help gdist" at the MATLAB command prompt.

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Mr. A

Mr. A (view profile)

This works fine. Impressive!

Diego Arango

Is excelent, you should give us an example :)


Yurik (view profile)

Very good!

Iroel Miranda Castañeda

estoy tratando de implementar un distrtion para gutarra electrica en un micoprocesador

sercan albayrak

Ivan Rsv

I is fain.

Gabriela Rodas

lolo gogo


era alk

Marin Alexandru

Verry good

Ely Tejeda

michal godzio

thx 4 this man

diren m

asdasdasd sadasd


Ekaterinoslav Sirakov

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